CT joins GIFEN, the French Nuclear Industry Association.


CT joins GIFEN, the French Nuclear Industry Association.

CT has become a member of GIFEN (Groupement des Industriels Français de l'Energie Nucléaire), the only trade association of the French nuclear industry, bringing together companies of all sizes that contribute to the production of nuclear energy, as well as professional organizations and associations around a common goal: to build the French nuclear industry of today and tomorrow.

CT has been a key player in the French nuclear industry since 2016, providing services to the major French companies in the sector.

Stéphane Abreu, Country Manager of France, explains that “for CT, it is an honor and a privilege, but also a duty towards the French industry to become part of this organization. We have shifted our activity in France towards the nuclear industry in 2016. Personally, I am a great believer in this sector, thanks to its wide range of activities, such as: the production of low-carbon and competitive electricity, hydrogen, heat, nuclear medicine processes, desalination of sea water, food preservation and finally space exploration. Furthermore, nuclear power is an essential energy source in the fight against global warming.

Secondly, it offers real opportunities: numerous civil projects, major research programs, digital transformation and finally a modernization plan. I am convinced that CT's skills in science, technology, Industry 4.0 and processes can benefit the entire nuclear energy value chain, from uranium mining to waste treatment. Currently, the largest French companies, such as EDF, CEA, ITER, IRSN and EIFFAGE ENERGIE SYSTEMS have placed their trust in us. With this membership, we want to go further and become a trustworthy, long-term partner for the industry.

As a member of GIFEN, our role will be to offer support in the most important projects that GIFEN is working on. We have the opportunity give voice to our activities and the capabilities we possess, so that they are known and considered on a national scale. Finally, we will join forces with GIFEN in some international events to promote the excellence of French industry.