CT takes further steps in the development of a smart farming application to improve crops monitoring and decision making.


CT takes further steps in the development of a smart farming application to improve crops monitoring and decision making.

CT successfully completes a new stage of the Ditipo project, an R&D initiative that aims at monitoring the status of orange groves by applying multispectral technology installed in drones.
The software developed by CT during the last year integrates a decision-making system, as well as an optimal automated planning of the drone's mission.

CT, the leading engineering company in technological innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle, takes further steps in Ditipo project, where it leads a consortium formed by Spanish and South Korean companies. Two years later since its release, the project keeps maturing and has already a software application in process, able to meet the farmers’ needs and allow them to evaluate the characteristics of their crops both in pre and post-harvest phase.

The application includes several modules, pre-harvest and post-harvest, in which hyper and multispectral images are managed to calculate interest rates and generate their corresponding reports.

To this end, a series of tasks have been carried out, including the study of the indicators and models selected for the pre- and post-harvest phases. The implementation of the diagnostic capability for the pre-harvest phase has been successfully completed, in line with the initial project requirements. Moreover, an initial prototype of the citrus maturity index has been defined and integrated into the software application.

This way, CT team was able to create an algorithm capable of determining the colour index of the orange fruits based on the available hyperspectral images, as well as the to define the appropriate degreening treatment, in line with the current European regulations.

The other module is aimed at optimizing and automating the planning of the UAV mission and route, so imaging can be as efficient as possible, by only selecting an inspection plot on the map and the UAV parameters and sensors.

The application architecture and design developed by CT engineers, aims at providing an easy and intuitive use, as well as being customizable depending on each users’ requirements and analysis parameters. The application currently works with a preliminary mission module, capable of automatically defining the UAV tracks in order to cover a specific plot, according to a series of predetermined inputs.

During the last phase of the project, a series of tests are planned to validate the applicability of technology in this type of crops, with the mission of turning it into a milestone of the smart farming and an accurate, reliable ally for the small farmers.

About Ditipo

Ditipo is the abbreviation of Development of ICT fusion information acquisition & processing technology of smart farm for production & distribution of orange. In the materialization of this project, the University of Córdoba and the South Korean entities LiFEnTech, the Chungnam National University of the city of Daejeon and the Maestor Technological Institute participate. The three-year project has the Eureka quality seal that supports significant projects that develop technologies of great importance for European competitiveness. This research project has been funded by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) within its bilateral call with South Korea.