CT Ingenieros Wins the Repsol Safety Award 2016


CT Ingenieros Wins the Repsol Safety Award 2016

The award recognizes outstanding occupational risk prevention and safety measurements. CT Ingenieros has a team of 50 people in Puertollano

Repsol has awarded CT the 2016 Safety Award in recognition of outstanding performance in safety and the prevention of occupational hazards in the Industrial Complex of Puertollano (Ciudad Real, Spain).

Cristina Maroto, Business Unit Manager, accepted the award on behalf of the 50 co-workers who currently work in Puertollano, and pointed out how, at Repsol "security is of utmost importance. Therefore we have adapted and reinforced our processes, with an objective of reaching an accident-free horizon". She also thanked the Industrial Complex of Puertollano, and said the recognition is incentive to continue working and improving.

This award takes into account the rate of accidents at work, attendance of daily safety coordination meetings, technician participation in annual workshops, and performance of preventative safety observations.

The Parrós Company also received similar recognition. CT and Parrós were companies that scored the highest out of close to 80 competitors, all working within the Repsol Industrial Complex in Puertollano.

CT Ingenieros has been providing engineering services to the Repsol Industrial Complex since 2012. Current engineering works include basic engineering, detail engineering, and technical documentation management. Last April, CT Ingenieros began providing detail engineering and project management services to the Repsol Industrial Complex in Cartagena.